New affiliates may find it hard at first to earn money through Wealthy Affiliate. A common question I see get asked alot is how much money can you make with wealthy affiliate?

Itmay take a few months to even a year to get your first sale. But if you start in the right way, being an affiliate in WA is really rewarding. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you start:

wealthy affiliate tips

Take your time

When you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, there will be a lot of training materials available for you. The information on WA can be overwhelming especially to those who do not have experience in affiliate marketing. Newcomers tend to feel buried with all this data.

To overcome this, you should pace yourself. Do not rush into going through each and every one of them. Make sure that you properly understand the lesson before going to the next. Remember that being on WA is not a race!

Take notes

It will be hard to remember every single thing. It helps to have a pad for you to write on so that you can easily review the important notes you have. Jotting down notes will also increase your attention span while learning and boost your comprehension.

Stay Consistent

Do not settle for less. Continue to absorb as much information as you can. Always be on the look out for more ways to improve, meet new people, create better strategies, and grow your business. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask other marketers. You can also find a mentor that you can talk to about your business. Surround yourself with smart and productive people who will drive you to become victorious on your venture.

Anticipate Failure

Things will not always go as you planned. As said earlier, a lot of Wealthy Affiliate members experience a setback in one way or the other. You may be doing good for a couple of months, then suddenly notice that there is a drop in your revenue. Instead of sulking, or worse, giving up, take time to reevaluate your business. Check on what went wrong and make sure that you learn from your mistakes.

Make a to-do list

You may have a lot of different ideas to add to your website. Or you can also have various topics you want to write about on your blog. But you can’t do all these at once. It will help if you create a to-do list. This will aid you in managing your time. A list will also keep you organized and will help you to make sure that nothing is forgotten.

Maximize your resources

To thrive in Wealthy Affiliates, you should be able to maximize everything that it has to offer. WA wants you to succeed, that is why it offers a range of tools you can use. Make sure to know how to use each one of them to your advantage.

Utilize The Tools Wealthy Affiliate Offers

Wealthy Affiliate has everything you will ever need to succeed online. Wealthy Affiliate is more than just an online network. It provides the right business instruments to help you become successful online. Here are some of the high-quality services offered by Wealthy Affiliate:

Training Courses

Learning through the internet can be overwhelming at times. It’s a good thing that WA offers a vast array of training courses that range from beginner to advance guides. The lessons are easy to follow and are always up-to-date.

Everything is step-by-step: it makes you understand how to create your own website and teaches you how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Take note, some of the videos and text training are exclusive to premium members. Only the basics are made available to those who signed up with the free membership. So, if you want to learn more, you’ll be needing to spend on it.

Keyword Research Tool

The Jaaxy keyword research is vital for every affiliate marketer. Finding the right keyword research tool can be hard and expensive. But with your membership with Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll already have access to a keyword tool that will appease your needs for building an online business.


Wealthy Affiliate has a beautiful community of helpful and active members. Whatever the time is, seasoned affiliates from all over the globe are there to willingly help you. Discussions in the community often have hundreds of responses that covers possible roadblocks you may encounter along the way.

You can also get support from the founders themselves. Co-founders Kyle and Carson reaches out to their members and gives them pieces of advice directly. They also answer the questions on their profiles within the day or less.