Do you know that roofs breathe? You might think it’s a funny thought but the roof deck needs good ventilation. During roof ventilation, the warm and moist air escapes and the cooler and drier air moves into the attic.

Without proper ventilation, condensation accumulates in the attic and can cause damages to the wall, wood and even insulations.

It is also important to note that roofing is like an art and requires lots of skill if you are to get the best out of your roof. Therefore, getting a good roofing company like the Windsor roofing company is paramount.

A good roofing company knows that it is more about shingles than it is about woods. You really don’t want to have to deal with the consequences of poor roofing.

List Of 5 Important Things To Look For In A Roofing Company

Picture of Things To Look For In A Roofing Company

It is important to look out for the following while looking out for a roofing company for your next roofing work.

1. A Licensed And Insured Company:

It is important to look for a company where you can be assured you are in safe hands. Before you contract a company to fix your roof, ensure you see a license.

Before any company is issued a license for the product or services they claim they offer, they have to go through many tests and meet certain standard requirements determined by the issuing body.

This license is important because it suggests that they have the requirements needed in that industry and also shows professionalism. Also, ensure that the company has compensation and liability insurance for its workers.

This insurance is necessary because in the case of any injury to the workers or damage on the property the insurance company would bear the cost.

2. Check Out The References:

A good roofing company should have enough proof of the quality of their work. If they are as great as they claim to be, giving you the contacts of some customers shouldn’t be a problem. When you get these references, you can check them out.

It is an opportunity for you to get to ask questions and learn about the roofing company from someone who had experienced their services first hand. You also get to check out their work and ask the customers if they would want to have that company working for them another time.

3. Do they have a Location or Real Contact?

It is not really safe to patronize a company that shows up from nowhere. A professional roofing company should have an office address. A working phone number and possibly an email should be provided.  You should be able to call on them anytime you need them.

How would you contact them if you need to do some repair within your warranty period? A permanent business address shows that the roofing company is stable and committed to meet the needs of its customers.

4. Job Experience:

You don’t want to get your roofing done, then have to keep repairing it regularly. Roofing job requires good knowledge, skill, and adequate training. An experienced roofing company would also have a good track record on their shelf.

The life span of a roof is dependent on the nature of the material and the installation, therefore, to get the best out of your roofing do not only consider quality material but also an experienced roofing company.

5. Ensure The Contract Is Written:

A written document is more authoritative. While dealing with a roofing company always ensure that every agreement is documented. A good roofing company will also give you a written estimate or quote of what is to be done.

If their services also include a warranty, it should be clearly stated and also the duration of the warranty must be stated too.

What Should I Look For In A Roofing Contract?

A roofing contract is an important document. It shows the details of the agreement between the contractor and the client. Amongst other information that should be found in the roofing contract, the following should be clearly seen.

1. Details Of The Warranty:

This agreement usually involves repairs that are as a result of low work quality. Ensure the period of the contract is clearly written.

2. The Work Description:

The contract should include details of the job to be done. These include details about the materials to be used, the start and the finish dates, and the detail of the replacement made together with the removal of the old roof.

3. Payment Agreement:

The mode and period of payment should also be seen in the contract. The percentage deposited before the commencement of the work should also be clearly written.

4. Details On License And Insurance:

A License number should be added including the insurance details and contact.

5. Room For Unforeseen Circumstances:

In the contract, provision should also be made for other challenges that may arise in the course of the job.

6. Opt-Out Option:

The contract should also make provision for its termination. This agreement also involves the notice period, the arrangement for payment, and other compensations against damages.

What Is A GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor?

There is a standard on how roofing should be made, therefore, it is not just anybody with a hammer and a nail gun that is qualified for the job. It’s been recorded that complaints involving roofing made to the Better Business Bureau are about 70% of the total complaints.

The cost of roofing is a fraction of the total building cost but plays a major role in protecting your house, therefore, the role of the roofer cannot be overemphasized.

Master Elite roofing contractors are certified contractors who will help ensure you get your standard warranty when you are in need of a warranty replacement.

A poor roofing job might disqualify you from getting your warranty benefit. Master Elite roofing contractors are not just certified contractors but those that have met some strict standards and requirements from GAF.