Unify Our Leaders, Unify Our Communities

I am what I am because of who we are

Ubuntu, is the Key

Social Cohesion, Moral Regeneration

What we believe in today impacts what we do tomorrow

Stand Up

Give a Man a Fish And He Is Hungry Tomorrow

Teach a man how to fish and tomorrow he feeds another

Rural Development

Protect Our Traditions

We have fought long and we have fought hard for us to able to be South African, for us to be who we are, for us to be able to practice our culture without fear of oppression or discrimination.

Unity is Key - Ubuntu

From a unified front our freedoms were won and from a unified front our freedoms will be preserved. We strivs for the unification of all South Africans, regardless off race or background.

Social Cohesion

Contralesa strives to inject moral regeneration in our communities for the sake of social cohesion. The individual 1st, then the community. Strong culture results in strong beliefs.

Rural Development

The development of our rural communities is a priority of Contralesa, putting pressure on the arms of government who are responsible for the development of our communities

The Executive


Kgosi Setlamorago Thobejane

Kgosi Setlamorago Thobejane


  • He matriculated in Makgoka High School and obtained his BA Law Admin Degree in
    University of Limpopo (then University of the North) in 1997.
  • Led the Mafefe Traditional Council to established Development Council.
    • Building schools, clinics and community halls
    • Entered into an agreement with Eskom to electrify Mafefe.
      • Among other achievements.
  • He became part of the Leadership of CONTRALESA from early 1990’s .
  • Served as Limpopo Chairperson from 1998 to 2009.
  • Assistant General Secretary, Acting General Secretary, National Organizer and General Secretary.
  • Elected President of CONTRALESA in 2013.
  • Served as a member of Parliament in the National Council of Provinces.
Kgosi Nyala Pilane

Kgosi Nyala Pilane

Deputy President

  • Not only a traditional leader but an astute businessman in his own right.
  • 1996 declared to be Kgosi ya Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela
  • Kgosi Pilane has been engaging both local and international business community to ensure that the primary resources of the region are utilized:
    • 2003 negotiated for new platinum mine for BBK where the tribe acquired a mining license under a holding company IBMR
    • 2006 negotiated with Anglo where BBK acquired and became 15% shareholders in union section, part of a R1.2 bn transaction.
  • These are just a few of Kgosi Nyala Pilane achievements.
  • Serves as a member in many boards including Sedibelo Platinum Mine.
  • Currently the Deputy President of the Congress Of Traditional Leaders
Nkosi Xolile Ndevu

Nkosi Xolile Ndevu

General Secretary

  • A Member of AmaBomvana Clan and head of isizwe seMiganu.
  • Head and Chairperson of ImiGanu Traditional Authorities in Elliotdale Eastern Cape under Xosa Kingdom
  • Member of the Eastern Cape House of Traditional leaders of South Africa as a representative of the King of AmaXhosa
  • Elected General Secretary of( CONTRALESA)

A reason to celebrate

50 years in the making, attended by nearly 10000 people including the South African president, cabinet ministers and other high profile delegates, the coronation of the Xhosa King, Nkosi Mpendulo Zwelonke Sigxawu (Ah! Zwelonke), at the Nqadu Royal Palace in Willowvale, Eastern Cape. Utata Nkosi Xolile Ndevu takes us through the significance of this historical event for amaXhosa.

“courtesy of SABC news”

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