Unify Our Leaders, Unify Our Communities

I am what I am because of who we are

Ubuntu, is the Key

Social Cohesion, Moral Regeneration

What we believe in today impacts what we do tomorrow

Stand Up

Give a Man a Fish And He Is Hungry Tomorrow

Teach a man how to fish and tomorrow he feeds another

Rural Development

Protect Our Traditions

We have fought long and we have fought hard for us to able to be South African, for us to be who we are, for us to be able to practice our culture without fear of oppression or discrimination.

Unity is Key - Ubuntu

From a unified front our freedoms were won and from a unified front our freedoms will be preserved. We strivs for the unification of all South Africans, regardless off race or background.

Social Cohesion

Contralesa strives to inject moral regeneration in our communities for the sake of social cohesion. The individual 1st, then the community. Strong culture results in strong beliefs.

Rural Development

The development of our rural communities is a priority of Contralesa, putting pressure on the arms of government who are responsible for the development of our communities

Rural Development.

As we as traditional leaders are most in touch with what is happening in our rural communities we know what is required to better the lives of all our people. Working as silos no one will succeed  in improving the lives of rural communities. For things to move more progressively we will have to work together. Through various partnerships CONTRALESA has committed to ensuring the gradual improvement of the most vulnerable in our society.